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February - What We Are Swooning Over

Sofia is embracing forced hibernation with unplanned "snow days", like today. What else can you do but pull out your favorite cookbook (not one bad recipe) and a bit of local yoga you can do from home. In our brief burst of sunshine, our client told us about her amazing neighborhood and so we had to go explore. Also, celebrated Bestie's birthday with another amazing meal at Corvino where the rice dish is always an amazing superstar (who knew rice was so exciting?!?) Sara is conquering winter doldrums by burying her nose in this fragrance. It has a cult following and she always leaves Swoon smelling better than before (can you imagine how that's possible?!?) Sara is also headed to Disneyland followed by Disney World this month. Follow along on her adventures. Mackenzie bought herself a Fender Squire Bass Guitar and has her eyes. . . fingers? set on this goal. In the mean time, she can't wait for this break from practicing. (Speaking of John Mulaney - we are still belly laughing over this.) Taylor has been swooning over this (very) short film by Jeanette Fantone. It has so much to say in so little time, and uses shapes and colors in a way she finds oh so pleasing. Not to mention, the artist is only 17!! Paula, is still Annedore's #1 customer (much to the delight of her grandson, Mini) and is taking another friend to their macaron class (this will be her 3rd time!) A delightful evening eating macarons & drinking champagne? Count us in! Mini, and family, have been exploring secret nooks with Letterboxing, like geocaching but way more fun! You can even input your next road trip route and find some fun stops along the way.

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