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Swooning into Summer - June 2019

We are so honored to be a part of the Big Brothers Big Sisters ACES Program with our first ever intern this summer! Andrea will spend 6 weeks with us to learn all the aspects of a bakery business and help us implement some new programs. Then she will be off to the JCCC Culinary program this fall. Newest Swoonie, Hannah, has been gobbling up a fascinating variety of books. Starting with The Secret Lives of Color, that we learned about in one of our favorite podcasts. Followed by Searching for the Stars on an Island in Maine. This deep dive, into science, had her rewatching Neil deGrasse Tyson's updated Cosmos series and then looking for the next scientific subject. Mackenzie is swooning over a recent yoga class, called Align, that she took at Karma Tribe Yoga with Sedona last week. This medium level class focuses on strengthening, stretching, & meditation. Taylor is still swooning over the Gogi & Waffles, from Seoul Taco in the Saint Louis Loop, last weekend. A base of sweet potato waffle fries, followed by queso blanco, kimchi, green onion, roasted sesame seeds and delicious sauces. She Just wishes there was a Kansas City location ~ Sofia, and family, took Mini to see a preview of the new Ron Howard documentary of opera legend, Luciano Pavarotti. It was a mesmerizing look at the voice that was the soundtrack of her childhood. (Mini squirmed but said he enjoyed it overall.) We are all swooning over these great new bright rainbow sprinkles that we can't wait to use on some of our standard CONGRATS orders.

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