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April 2020 - What WE Are Swooning Over

During this time it seems hard to find much joy but we must continue to try so we bring you the little things that have brought us happiness. We've been posting every day pics in our Instagram stories featuring small things that make us happy: nature, grocery finds, and new hobbies. Speaking of nature - tomorrow night will feature the BIGGEST Super Moon of the year so don't forget to go outside and catch it as that hot pink orb raises into the sky. We've been taking solace in novels right now, both on audio and in print. Sofia and Hannah both just finished City of Girls, by Elizabeth Gilbert, which is fun, beautifully written and was a wonderful respite from the world. Next up, Settling the Table for Sofia, Sapiens for Hannah and Utopia for Realists for Taylor. Hannah just finished Dan Carlin's 6-part podcast which is an amazing look into history and the nations, leaders and zeitgeist of that time. It will make you question your own understanding of what you thought you knew, of the past and present and will make you cry. For something completely silly AND poignant, check out this wonderful podcast narrated by inanimate objects. We've been listening to the new season while at work. Taylor made a sourdough starter and started creating all sorts of wonderful things like homemade crackers. While seeking out the pearls in all this grit, she also came across this article by her favorite author which is both topical AND uplifting. At the end of last year we said goodbye to Swoonie, Mackenzie Becker, who made her full-time entrepreneurial dreams come true. You can find her powerful jewelry at mackbecks. We are thrilled to have a new Swoonie join the team! Veronika Carrender is an illustrator and surface pattern designer, with her own successful studio, that is loaning her us her talents a few times per week. We appreciate her fresh perspective and wonderful eye for color.

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