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What WE Are Swooning Over & Thankful For

• Hannah is swooning over 'The Midnight Library' by Matt Haig, a charming and dark book. She is grateful for her amazing friends, family and coworkers who are generous and supportive in so many ways. • Sara is swooning over Conan Needs a Friend podcast, a weekly favorite in the Swoon kitchen. • Skye is thankful for her three annoying fur babies and her partner being a big supporter of her art career. • Veronika is swooning over Cafe Cà Phê becoming our Columbus Park neighbors this winter and thankful for getting out of a recipe rut and enjoying cooking again. • Sarah is swooning over the new fall menu items at Voltaire, like the Chicken Ballotine which includes butternut squash and currants. She is very thankful to be leading yoga in-personagain as it fills her heart to the brim. • Audrey is swooning over Jordan Zimlich's haircuts and grateful for every chance to dress upover Halloween. • Sofia is swooning over writer Sherman Alexie's instagram and is thankful for these dinner lifesavers. She is also eternally grateful for an amazing Swoon team that produced one of the largest cookie orders of the year while she enjoyed a vacation away from email!


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