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Pop By for a Cookie

We have been in the sunny, modern building at 1668 Jefferson Street for seven years now. We started in the large kitchen on the second floor, as the tiny, part-time cookie makers known as P.S. Sweets. During the holidays (definitely our busiest season), we would cover our architect building-mates’ desks with dozens of Christmas cookie assortments. We even put our architect friends to work rolling out dough every December (thanks Layne!).

In 2012, we successfully completed a Kickstarter campaign to move and build a commercial kitchen on the ground floor of the building and rebrand into Swoon, thanks to the extreme talents of Meers Advertising. We’ve continued to grow Swoon as a custom cookie kitchen on the garden level of 1668 Jefferson, for five years now. Every day, our neighbors pass by our windows and often stop in to ask if they can buy just one cookie. Usually, though, the only things sitting around were broken cookie limbs or practice shapes unworthy of display. (Like that one time when we were still working on fitting the whole word “congratulations” on a cookie.)

As this request grew, so did our imagination for the variety of sugar cookie shapes and flavors we could offer to people in a bakery setting. So we’ve finally done it! We are opening a retail counter, First Friday weekends to begin, in our sunny spot within the wonderfully creative Westside neighborhood. We will be offering a standard selection of flavored cookies (What are they? Stop by to help us decide!) as well as our beloved buttercream sugar cookies, in seasonal shapes. We will also be experimenting with crazy flavors each month (such as our ongoing quest to turn Q39’s Zesty sauce into a barbecue cookie).

We hope you will stop by and see us! Of course if you are walking past our windows any other day of the week and we are working, pop in and see if we have any extra cookies to sell. We just might say yes this time!


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