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June 2020 - What WE Are Swooning Over

Did you know that we opened a lil' shop on the Plaza? You can find Swoon cookies all day, every day, inside of the Made in KC Marketplace located on the Country Club Plaza at 306 W 47th St, Kansas City, MO 64112

(Design by: Lilaloa)

The Swoonies are listening, learning, participating and contributing to the Black Lives Matter movement that is urgently pressing forward. A few wonderful things we would like to highlight:

• Steve Locke - fascinating visual artist, and professor at Pratt Institute, who wrote a blog called "I Fit the Description" that went viral and this equally important blog post that followed. We recommend just spending a lot of time all over his website. • Proud of our friend, Aaron Rahsaan Thomas's article for Vanity Fair on the history of of police in television and the shift that needs to happen moving forward. • Read about the immediate success of the Kansas City Community Bail Fund and help support their efforts for those in need. • Don't think you can do anything to help? This website might change your mind!

Sofia has been finding moments of joy in the scents of her community. Sometimes she drives out of her way just to pass Indigo Wild and inhale out the window, or stands in the lobby of The Russell to breathe in the smells from their wood burning oven. Someday she'll return to the warm dark lounge of Milagro Midwestern Day Spa, and curl up with a book, where no one can find you. Taylor is deeply swooning over local nonprofit KC Tenants, a grassroots organizations, with a rainbow coalition of members, united towards equitable housing in Kansas City. In just over a year they have instituted a tenant bill of rights, championed an eviction moratorium for Missouri during COVID-19, and uplifted the voices of many enduring unsafe housing conditions. Hannah is swooning over Bon Appetit’s ‘Gourmet Makes’ at the moment. If you need a delightful break from the world, it is so much fun to watch Claire problem solve how to make gourmet versions of American junk food classics (and will leave you wanting the original and the gourmet.) Mini has been reading The Children of Blood and Bone, a magical story rooted in West African mythology, by Tomi Adeyemi. How poinigent to come across this blog post she wrote in 2015 and how terrible that it still applies today.

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