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April - What We Are Swooning Over

Sofia is rejuvenated after attending a weekend nature & wellness retreat, with Mini. They experienced winter AND spring (hello Midwest!) exploring Orange Moon Apothecary & Farm. Sara, as a newbie travel advisor, is feeling a bit overwhelmed by the vastness of the travel industry. Finding Heather and Kate from Travel Pro Theory has been a bright spot. They are like little pocket-sized mentors that live in her phone and she can tune in or follow along with their travels. Anyone who travels, or dreams of traveling, will be better informed and inspired to roam more freely. Mackenzie found Broad City to be one of the most comforting, inspiring, and groundbreaking series for young women to look up to, especially women in comedy which accurately portrays true friendship with few to no boundaries in between. Mackenzie is going to miss this show so she recommends those with the "Broad City Blues" to check out Hulu's new series Shrill with Aidy Bryant. Taylor is shaking off the winter doldrums and stocking up on positivity with the Yellow Raincoat Society's magazine and cute reminders. Mini is very excited to attend Chocolate Camp at Annedore's this summer! His Dad was so jealous that we signed him up for a chocolate class of his own.

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